Celebrate the first kiss, the 50th wedding anniversary or a milestone in your firm, we will make the perfect bouquet. Cake and champagne are also available.

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Surprise Flower Bouquet
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Looking to surprise someone? Look no further: our master florists are ready to make you a gorgeous posy of today's freshest flowers! Send flowers in Budapest - only with FLEURT
Box of Orchid
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<p>A splendid stem of cymbidium orchid in an elegant box: says more than any words...Order online and send flowers - only with FLEURT!</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-gb" style="font-size:8.5pt;font-family:Verdana, sans-serif;color:#000000;background:#FAFBFC;" xml:lang="en-gb">Our flower bouquets come in various colours of spring. If you have any specific request regarding the colour of the flowers, please let us know and include it in your "Notes" during checkout.</span><span lang="en-gb" xml:lang="en-gb"></span></p><p></p>
Desire bouquet
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<p>This elongated exotic bouquet with its amazing orchids and anthuriums comes as a real surprise to any party or office. The flowers are also long lasting. Flower delivery – only with Fleurt's excellent delivery service!</p>
Palermo flower bouquet
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Different shades of red and maroon, various beautiful flowers: this is the Palermo bouquet! Send emotions, send good vibes with FLEURT's excellent flower delivery service!
Törley Chardonnay Raw Champagne
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Elegant light green colour, a bubbly, almost creamy texture and rich taste makes this champagne an instant hit. Surprise your loved one! Choose from Fleurt’s gift ideas!
Secret garden flower bouquet
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Vivid pastel colours and gorgeous flowers make this splendid bouquet truly one of a kind. Cheerful, yet elegant, this giant posy has it all. Wonderful flowers, endless emotions. Choose FLEURT's excellent flower delivery service!
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Shades of dark red and burgundy compete with their vibrance in this luxury bouquet. Large green exotic leaves are soothing the flower fever. Guaranteed choice of success!  Order the best online with Fleurt!
Sweet Seduction
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<p>A lovely bouquet of the freshest flowers of the season and a bottle of Tokaji quality sweet dessert wine make this exclusive gift basket a truly wonderful present! Put FLEURT's famous flower delivery service to the test!</p>
Smile bouquet
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Fantastic palette of pastel colours that puts a smile on everyone's face! A large elegant bouquet. Flower order in Budapest - only with FLEURT!
Rome rose box
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<p>Splendid composition of burning red roses in an elegant white box. Stays fresh for days because of the floral foam it is composed into. More original than any bouquet, and more passionate than any words...</p> <p>Sizes: Small - 12 stems, Medium - 20 stems, Large - 30 stems, Extra large - 50 stems</p> <p>Free delivery in Budapest! Order online and send flowers - only with FLEURT!</p>
Orchid Bouquet
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Amazing, elongated bouquet from phalaenopsis orchid. Orchid is a really long lasting flower. Lovely and modern bouquet: the perfect choice! Choose Fleurt in Budapest!
Ruby Red
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<p>Huge, round bouquet of 30 stems of incandescent red roses. A true classic for truly special occasions. Send flowers in Budapest with FLEURT!</p>