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Take the joy of nature at your home and in you office! Beautiful plant decorations from FLEURT!

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Watercan with plant sprayer
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We recommend this luxurious gift to all lovers of home and office plants: Gold water can with plant prayer. Choose a pot of flower from our selection to make this present perfect.
Leafy elegance
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<p>3 types of bromelias form this wonderful potted composition. The funnel-shaped leaves of the guzmania has beautifully vivid colours. It is best kept in lit, warm places but does not need too much watering. This gift beats a bouquet any day and can decorate your home or office alike.</p>
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3 types of exotic plants in lovely ceramic pots: an anthurium and two guzmanias. These plants like to sit in a warm, sunny place, but don't worry about watering them at all. Perfect for your home and office alike, or even as a great gift.