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Colourful scented candle
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<p>The atmospheric lights and the delicate fragrance spreads in your home the same time when this cheerful design candle is lit. When the candle is burnt away, the box can still be used to store for example jewellery.</p> <p>The size "S" refers to 1 candle, size 'XL" size is a 16 piece box set in an elegant box.</p> <p>This natural soy wax candle set comes with 16 aromas, including: vanilla, rose, jasmine, bergamot, lemon, Mediterranean fig, lavender, strawberry, rosemary, peppermint, gardenia, British peony cherry blossom, wood sage and sea salt, blue bell.</p> <p></p>
Flowery video box
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<p>If a flower says more than any words can say, then this box filled with flowers and personal video message is magic itself! Distance fades away with this wonderful present.</p> <p>Send your own personal video to our email address ( and we load it on your box. The box can be recharged, so the message can be replayed again and again, whenever your loved one whishes to hear and see you. </p> <p>This is flower delivery at its best! Fleurt</p>
Bubble flower
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<p>Amazing flower composition in a balloon! We hide forever roses inside a transparent balloon to create this truly magical flower wonder.</p> <p>FLEURT is the first and the only company in Budapest to bring this little miracle to you. So if you want something truly unique, this is it!</p>
Artman candle
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<p>Artman candles are of the highest rating,  guaranteed. Their modern design, sophisticated scent and colour palette makes them an attractive piece in any home. The exclusive finish is a desired must, send it as a gift with confidence.</p> <p>The scentedA szép nagy gyertyák illatai: monstear, kashmír, gardénia - mind kellemes, finom, nem tolakodó illat.</p>
Flamenco bouquet
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<p>This bouquet improvisation of passionate red flowers is a confession itself. Let the flowers speak for you.</p>
Spring moment
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<p>Vivid bouquet united by a fleeting spring moment - an amazing marriage of the blue clematis and green viburnum. This bouquet is so seasonal, it is only available for a few weeks in springtime. Do call, chat or write to us before ordering to be sure we can deliver it to you.</p>
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<p>Golden roses in a golden-black metal box, surrounded by delicious Stühmer pralines. The smaller box is 20 cm across, the larger is 30 cm.</p>
Dream Flower Box
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<p>Do not dream in vain! Make your wishes come true with this luxurious transparent gift box with a small mixed bouquet inside. The plastic foam base guarantees freshness for days. And even when the flowers are long gone, you may use the little box for so many things! Order now and have it in no time!</p>
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<p>This elegant box is a lasting memory for any occasions and can be chosen as a lovely gift. The surprise arrives in an elegant box filled with a dry flower composition from white and beige flowers. White forever roses accentuate the composition. Choose it,</p>
Secret Drawer Flower Box
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<p>First, the flowers blow your partner away. But that's only the beginning... Open the secret drawer and find quality bonbons that take indulgence to whole new level. We create a perfect harmony by setting the most beautiful, freshest flowers of the day into a flower foam base which guarantees long-lasting freshness. And even when the flowers are long gone, you may use the little box for so many things!</p>
Mum always
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<p>The lightly scenting peonies remind me to mum's garden. If you feel the same, this bouquet is the choice for you by heart. The hydrangeas match the colour of peonies which makes this bouquet truly magnificent and one of everybody's favourite.</p> <p>This bouquet is also unique, because it is only available for a short period in springtime. Use our chat box, call or email us to be sure, that it is available.</p>
Stühmer Elegance
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<p>Stühmer's elegant chocolate box is a perfect match to a lovely bouquet or a bottle of fine wine.</p> <p>Stühmer Elegance Pistachio - dark chocolate with Sicilian pistachio creme filling; White chocolate with pistachio creme filling (54%); Pistachio-white chocolate with pistachio creme filling (54%); Milk chocolate with pistachio creme filling (54%);<br />Stühmer Elegance Ladies - Handmade collection with flavours of passion fruit, bergamot, pink peppercorn and lavender;<br /> Stühmer Elegance Gentlemen - Handmade collection with flavours of chocolate cream, marzipan, sour cherry - chilli, coffee.</p> <p>A truly sweet surprise!</p>
Pink Pomp
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<p>Blossoming hydrangeas and various kinds of roses represent over five shades of pink in this elegant bouquet. Order online now and your surprise will be on its way in a flash!</p>