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Our Men's' Gift Collection is second to none in Budapest. Our Design products are elegant, exciting, practical and sometimes even humorous at the same time.

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Gold alligators
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Hang them on the wall, place them on a table or a shelf, these small alligators are guaranteed to bring a smile to any visiting face. For those loving modern interiors the gold pot with the green preserved hydrangeas and alligators is a definite hit, whether sent as a gift or used at home.
Gentlemen's' games
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Gold, dark blue and black - these are the colours that set the tone for a masculine gift composition. Animal figures in suits, luxurious tealight holders are elegant additions to any gentleman's desk. Don't be afraid to come up with something unique and surprising!
Sign of my gratitude
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<p>A votive of offering: in other words - Ex Voto. The elegance of black with gold cannot be outrivalled. The beautifully presented box contains a stem of 24-karat gold rose, a mirror heart and two cute little black piglets. Express your gratitude with this gallant present.</p>
Harmony gift hamper
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Wood, pebbles, moth, green plant, candle and scents. Bring someone the harmony to their home or office - this pleasant compilation creates harmony and peace around them.
Rocket packet
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This fantastic gift box conceived in retro style. Perhaps you are one of those who still remember the classic rockets. We strongly recommend these to collectors, too. The eloquently elegant Stühmer chocolate unites 4 bars of delicious chocolate. To all this, we add a bottle of Törley sparkling wine and gift-wrap with the creativity you are used to from Fleurt.
Gold elephant decorations
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Examine this beautiful object under a magnifying glass, you'll be surprised how intricate it is! The elephant is made of metal, its size: w: 27 cm, h: 17 cm.
Gold pandas
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<p>Gorgeous ceramic pandas in white and shiny gold. It is a beautiful decoration to your own home or can be given as a present to someone. The size of the standing panda is w: 24 cm, h: 13 cm, the seated panda w: 17 cm, h: 17 cm.</p>
Gold bookmark
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<p>Kind, attentive and last but not least, beautiful. The gold bookmark is a lovely addition to a bigger present. A practical gift, yet, the level of details on them is impressive. Choose one form the following patterns: ginkgo leaf, maple leaf or dragonfly.</p>
Gold fly
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Have you ever seen a fly 15 cm wide and 14 cm tall? Well, you will find one in our webshop! Stick it on the wall, place it on a shelf, the effect will not be missed.
Gold piggy bank
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Beautiful shiny gold ceramic piglets in three sizes. Sizes: .... A perfect gift for graduation, too.
Gold Rhinoceros beetle
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Our rhino bug brings a smile to anyone's face who visits. Suggestion: hang it on the wall next to your bin or your fridge - your guests are in for a good laugh.
Gold stag beetle
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The most popular bug in our collection! The decoration can be hung on the wall, placed on a shelf or on a small table. In our house, they "climb out" of the kitchen bin :). The size of the big bug: width: 18 cm, height: 23 cm.

Our Men's' Gift Collection is second to none in Budapest. Our Design products follow the latest trends, they are practical and sometimes even funny. Our Men's Gift Packages are filled with exciting ornaments, quality wine, gourmet chocolate, all delivered in a beautifully luxurious packaging. Among them you will find creative gift ideas, scents and candles, items of home and office decorations. Many of our retro toys are items of collection, warmly recommended.