Mothers Day

Mothers, Grandmothers– The day when we celebrate all of them. Greet them with beautiful gifts and enchanting flowers. FREE bracelet or bookmark with your order.

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Raspberry Fudge Flower Posy
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Lovely flowers in different shades of pink, sweet colours and pretty buds...irresistibly cute! Flower delivery - only with FLEURT!
Luxury balcony gift package
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<p>Gardening becomes the art of lords with this magical gift! If your Mother or Grandmother likes to spend time with her flowers, this luxury pack is the perfect choice! We planted a lush azalea in a pot and placed it on a garden tray. </p>
Surprise Flower Bouquet
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Looking to surprise someone? Look no further: our master florists are ready to make you a gorgeous posy of today's freshest flowers! Send flowers in Budapest - only with FLEURT
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<p>Delphoi was the cradle of predictions but we don't have to be fortune tellers to be able to say this amazingly gorgeous orchid bouquet in an elegant golden box will sweep anyone off of their feet! Free shipping in Budapest! Order flowers in master quality: Choose Fleurt!</p>
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<p>Cheerful bouquet of roses and lilies. An exquisite bouquet for somebody special to you. If flowers to be delivered - Fleurt.</p>
Box of Orchid
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A splendid stem of cymbidium orchid in an elegant box: says more than any words...Order online and send flowers - only with FLEURT!
Small orchid Box for mothers' Day
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<p>A splendid gift: cymbidium orchid heads are placed in a beautiful small pink vase in an elegant box: says more than any words...Order online and send flowers - only with FLEURT!</p>
Madame Pompadour
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<p>The content of the exclusive gift basket is a bottle of quality Törley champagne, two nice smelling bath blasters and an elegant Phalaenopsis orchid. Floral excellence in Budapest - FLEURT</p>
Happy Mothers day in pink
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The content of this exclusive gift box is beautiful flower wreath from fake flowers of the highest quality. It is also decorated with a charming ceramic heart - it brings tears to every moms eyes.
Sunshine flower bouquet
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<p>Cheerful bright coloured flower bouquet. This is the perfect choice for all occasions. Order online and choose Fleurt flower delivery service! You won’t be disappointed! Fleurt!</p>
Orchid dream
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<p>Melt your loved one's heart with this amazing flower box. Vanda orchids unite to make this flower box as stunning as possible. Choose FLEURT's excellent flower delivery service!</p>
Pink mignon flower posy
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<p>Sweet posy made from the pinkest of pink flowers. Guaranteed to bring a smile on your loved one's face! Flower delivery - only with FLEURT!</p>
Forever Golden Rose
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The ultimate Valentine gift for your Beloved! This beautiful rose is plated with 24 carat gold! Comes in an elegant gift box. Send flowers and presents in Budapest - only with FLEURT!
Colour Cavalcade
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<p>The mix of lovely flowers and colours in a beautiful bouquet. Delight your loved one and make a smile on his/her face. Deceive those who truly deserve it. Send flower quickly and simply. Choose Fleurt!</p>
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<p>A stem of cymbidium orchid mixed with exotic vanda orchid heads and anthurium for the lovers of clear elegance. This is a really long-lasting flower bouquet. It is popular to congratulate to someone, including graduation, and to send from corporates to their clients. </p>
Flower Bonbon posy
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Cheerful colours and lovely spring flowers make this posy simply irresistible. Puts a smile on every face! Send flowers with FLEURT!
Small lovely flowerbasket
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<p>Splendid composition of beautiful mixed flowers in an elegant flower basket. Stays fresh for days because of the floral foam it is composed into. More original than any bouquet, and more passionate than any words...Order online and send flowers - only with FLEURT!</p>
Bonjour Orchid Bouquet
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Bonjour! This is a simple straightforward bouquet to make someone's day beautiful. No exaggerations, just orchids, roses paired with special greens.
Dear Mum
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<p>Happy Mother's Day, Dear Mum! Here's some chocolate to bring you some sweetness. Here's a flower to bring you some lovely colours! The heart-shaped Stühmer chocolate box and the mini azalea in its golden pot are a perfect match to mark this special occasion.</p>
Sunny Rose Flower Posy
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This amazing bouquet will impress any lady. Roses, orchids in bright colours: sure to make one's day! Flower delivery in Budapest - with FLEURT!
Pastel pleasure flower bouquet
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Beautiful round bouquet with cream pastel coloured flowers. Impress your loved one with this beauty, that comes with a cute glass-heart. Send flowers in Budapest, only with Fleurt!
Colourful Flower Box square white
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Splendid composition of colourful spring flowers in an elegant box. Stays fresh for days because of the floral foam it is composed into. More original than any bouquet, and more passionate than any words... Free delivery in Budapest! Order online and send flowers - only from FLEURT!
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A simply lovely bouquet from callas and roses. The real elegance. Surprise your loved one with this beautiful bouquet. Choose Fleurt delivery service and your present is on the way!
Tutti Frutti Flower Posy
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<p>Lovely flowers, vibrant colours, absolute beauty in this cute posy. Sweet as candy! Order online from FLEURT!</p>

The kindest day of the year is almost here and the FLEURT Flower Studio has collected a range of options for you to surprise those you love the most.

If you know your Mother or Grandmother's favourite, finding the perfect gift in our online store is quicker than ever! Search by flower type to filter through our impressive collection and find the bouquet she would like the most. 

However, don't worry if you don't know what her favourite flower is - sometimes even she doesn't know that herself! We have collected countless ideas to help you. Have a look at how many options you have:

1. Fresh-cut Flowers

Designed my master florists and tied by our passionate team, our compositions are guaranteed to impress! We do, indeed, pay attention to detail: all our bouquets are beautifully wrapped and come with a little bag of preservatives. When added to the water, this will make your Mother's beautiful flowers bloom even longer.

2. Flower Boxes & Baskets

Just like our bouquets, our Flower Boxes are made with beautiful, fragrant spring flowers. The bottom of the elegant hard boxes is laid with foam that keeps the flower stalks moist for days. Following the latest trends, this exquisite gift will be a guaranteed hit!

3. Potted Flowers

Most mothers like indoor and garden plants. Potted plants are not only beautiful but they also keep very well. After blooming, most can be planted in the garden so that your Mother/Grandmother can enjoy them for years.

4. Mother's Day Gifts and Gift Packs

Probably the most unique pieces in our collection are our Mother's Day Gift Packs. Most mothers and grandmothers love plants and spending time with them in the garden or on the balcony. So we've dreamed and created some marvellous gift sets for them! Elegant mini gardening tools and gloves, a golden watering can and a cute bird feeder accompany the star: a wonderful potted plant. Want to impress with some fragrance? We'll add a lovely soap and a bath bomb to the set. Unbelievable, isn't it? They are real, we promise. Have a look for yourself:

5. Dry Bouquets

What an extravagant choice! In their heyday a good 30-40 years ago, dry flowers are making a spectacular comeback. A reinvented nostalgic gift to keep for years and remind our loved ones to this wonderful day.