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If there is no word to tell it, let the flowers talk instead of you! Our gratitude bouquets and compositions are more expressive than any verbal messages.

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Pink mignon flower posy
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<p>Sweet posy made from the pinkest of pink flowers. Guaranteed to bring a smile on your loved one's face! Flower delivery - only with FLEURT!</p>
Heart Harmony Flower Box
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<p>In this rose-coloured box hide a heart-shaped bed of flowers, dotted around with golden leaves. A bouquet and a present in one! We create a perfect harmony by setting the most beautiful, freshest flowers of the day into a plastic foam base which guarantees long-lasting freshness. And even when the flowers are long gone, you may use the little box for so many things! We recommend this creative gift idea with confidence - order it now!</p>
The Great Gatsby
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<p>Using lilies and orchids in one bouquet is quite unusual but they make an amazingly elegant union. Using soft feathers and pearls as accessories creates the iconic 1920's style. Choose FLEURT's excellent flower delivery service!</p>
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<p>A fantastic modern bouquet with passionate colours, flowers and accessories. It is the renaissance of long-lasting dry ornaments, and this piece truly represents this: the red preserved roses, coloured leaves and weeds will stay fresh for years!</p>
Törley Chardonnay Raw Champagne
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Elegant light green colour, a bubbly, almost creamy texture and rich taste makes this champagne an instant hit. Surprise your loved one! Choose from Fleurt’s gift ideas!
Surprise Flower Bouquet
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Looking to surprise someone? Look no further: our master florists are ready to make you a gorgeous posy of today's freshest flowers! Send flowers in Budapest - only with FLEURT
3D gift card - tree of life
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<p>There is no limit to surprises with us! Send your message on this 3D card, and wow will be in reach. This is a postcard sized card which when opened, a tree of life pops out of. Wonderous! We write your message on the card if you wish.</p>
3D gift card - bouquet
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This a treat for any occasions. The results are guaranteed if you decide to greet someone with this beautiful 3D gift card. The card is the size of a postcard, comes with an elegant envelope, and when open, a gorgeous 3D laser-cut flower bouquet will pop out of it.
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<p>It is the renaissance of long-lasting dry ornaments, and this pastel wonder truly represents this: dried protea, gossypium, coloured leaves and weeds. Your gift will last years. We wrap this naturalistic composition in a trendy paper bag.</p>
Be my Valentine rose teddy bear
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<p>A lovely bear made of many little foam roses. This cute long-lasting bear comes in two sizes: 23 cm or 35 cm tall (sitting) and is delivered in an elegant box.</p>
Leafy elegance
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<p>3 bromelias form this wonderful potted composition. The funnel-shaped leaves of the guzmania has beautifully vivid colours. It is best kept in lit, warm places but does not need too much watering. This gift beats a bouquet any day and can decorate your home or office alike.</p>
Cutie Paw Teddy bear
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Surprise your loved one with this lovely teddy bear (approx. 100 cm tall). Send presents and love with Fleurt!