New baby born

Greet the new baby born with our flowers and cute gifts. We think about Mom and Dad too, they can celebrate with champagne, chocolate and fresh cake.

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Angel bouquet for baby boy
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The birth of a baby boy is joy for everyone around. Greet baby and mother with this darling bouquet and the handmade blue ceramic angel hidden in it. It will be a lasting little memory forever.
Be my Valentine rose teddy bear
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<p>A lovely bear made of many little foam roses. This cute long-lasting bear comes in two sizes: 23 cm or 35 cm tall (sitting) and is delivered in an elegant box.</p>
Clouds Bouquet
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<p>Light and natural, blue and white - just like clouds in the sky. Violet and delphinium peep out curiously between loosely tied English roses - as if someone had just picked them from the garden. Dried palm leaves are the finishing touch, in perfect harmony with the flower petals. Let us know where to deliver this tranquil little bouquet.</p>
Bollinger Special Cuveé
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An excellent combination of 60% pinot noir, 25% chardonnay and 15% pinot meunieur this cuvée combines strength and finesse, balance and depths. The favourite champagne of James Bond himself! Choose from Fleurt’s gift ideas!
Brown Teddy bear hug
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<p>Lovely yet elegant bouquet of 30 red roses, with a giant sweet teddy bear.  This bear will hug your loved one for you. The bear's hight is 80cm standing.<br />Flower delivery á la FLEURT.</p>
Madame Pompadour
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<p>The content of the exclusive gift basket is a bottle of quality Törley champagne, two nice smelling bath blasters and an elegant Phalaenopsis orchid. Floral excellence in Budapest - FLEURT</p>
Rose cone
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<p>We fill up our elegant paper cones with a bunch of sweet scenting English roses. These roses carry the mood and beauty of garden roses.</p> <p>If you have any specific requests regarding the colour or type of flowers, please let us know at least 3 days prior to delivery.</p> <p>Order online and send flowers in Budapest with Fleurt!</p>
BigFoot TeddyBear toy
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<p>This sweet teddy bear will melt every heart. With his curly fur and bow, he is the perfect present for literally everyone! Send presents in Budapest with FLEURT!</p>
Orchid Bouquet
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Amazing, elongated bouquet from phalaenopsis orchid. Orchid is a really long lasting flower. Lovely and modern bouquet: the perfect choice! Choose Fleurt in Budapest!

There is no happier event than the birth of your baby. FLEURT’s birth bouquets and compositions complete the joy. We think about the Mummy and the Baby too, Dad can celebrate with great champagne. Birth flower compositions – FLEURT!