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We make special packages from our special gifts. Our very exclusive and beautiful baskets include quality delicacies wrapped with design objects. Time to wow!

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Harmony gift hamper
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Wood, pebbles, moth, green plant, candle and scents. Bring someone the harmony to their home or office - this pleasant compilation creates harmony and peace around them.
Love served on a tray
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The most amazing package with a few red roses, a bottle of quality red wine, a mini cake from Cake Shop and a lovely candle, all sat on an elegant platter and wrapped for perfection. Don't forget that for any purchase over 30,000 HUF, we offer free delivery within Budapest.
Velvet gift basket
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<p>The content of this exclusive gift basket is a bottle of Awen scent bottle, a magical crystal ball with dandelion, 2 Manna soaps, a box of Dolce Presente chocolate specialty, a cute jewelry and key holder, and for an unmissable candle for the atmosphere. Surprise your loved on with this indulging, luxury gift basket! Call us or order online and FLEURT delivers beauty and quality right away!</p>
Moulin Rouge
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<p>A bottle of quality Törley champagne, a Bomb bath blaster and a beautiful rose bouquet make this exclusive gift basket. Flower delivery in Budapest - only FLEURT!</p>
Sign of my gratitude
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<p>A votive of offering: in other words - Ex Voto. The elegance of black with gold cannot be outrivalled. The beautifully presented box contains a stem of 24-karat gold rose, a mirror heart and two cute little black piglets. Express your gratitude with this gallant present.</p>
Cupid Giftbox
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<p>This exclusive gift contains a gorgeous potted Phalaenopsis orchid and 2 organic Manna soap specialty. Send presents in Budapest - only with FLEURT's excellent flower delivery service!</p>
Nautilus pack
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This interesting design vase unites the function of a vase and tealight holder. When selling Nautilus we fill the vase with small gifts: we place a box of Stühmer marzipan chocolate and include a beautiful turtle. Wow!
Madame Pompadour
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<p>The content of the exclusive gift basket is a bottle of quality Törley champagne, two nice smelling bath blasters and an elegant Phalaenopsis orchid. Floral excellence in Budapest - FLEURT</p>
Sweet home in blue
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The content of this exclusive gift box is beautiful flower wreath from fake flowers of the highest quality. It is also decorated with a charming ceramic heart - it is a wonderful item in every home. Hang it on your door to make every guest feel welcome. The wreath comes in a large, elegant box, so it is also a perfect gift for anyone.
Scent seduction
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We have hidden the feminine accessories of seduction in a modern glass jewellery box: 2 lovely brooches, a Manna natural soap and a few soap roses. A bottle of Chardonnay on the side sweetens the experience. Simply irresistible! Choose any of the following brooches: hummingbird, cat or bug.
Think of me Teddy bear
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<p>A stem of burning red rose with a cute teddy bear and a box of 12 pcs Dolce Presente quality chocolate. Simply irresistible. For men also! Choose FLEURT on Valentine's day!</p>
Gold alligators
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Hang them on the wall, place them on a table or a shelf, these small alligators are guaranteed to bring a smile to any visiting face. For those loving modern interiors the gold pot with the green preserved hydrangeas and alligators is a definite hit, whether sent as a gift or used at home.
Lotus dance
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Fine, feminine gift package, in which we pack 2 beautiful serviette ornaments with a box of Stühmer marzipan, and 2 charming ballerina brooches. All of these gifts elegantly placed and gift-wrapped on a wooden disk.
Floral box with bird in yellow
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<p>The content of this exclusive gift box is beautiful flower wreath from fake flowers of the highest quality. It is also decorated with a dear ceramic heart - this is a gift that lasts forever.</p>
Sweet love gift pack
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<p>Assorted luxury presents containing a beautiful potted orchid, a cute teddy bear, and a tasty mini cake from Cake Shop. Free delivery in Budapest over 30.000.- huf! <br />Order online and send your love - only with FLEURT!</p>
Boudoir scent pack
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Refresh your lady's boudoir with this sweet-scenting gift pack! The aroma of Awen sticks create a wonderful atmosphere. The small ceramic lotus flower can be used as a tealight holder. The tiny glass bottles are just the cherry on the cake. All this is served on a white tray, with a fresh orchid, exquisitely gift-wrapped. Just order, and we'll fly with your present.
Sweet life
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Classical elegance with a twist. Sweet seduction offered on a slate plate with gold handles: a 24-karat gold rose and a box of fine chocolate. The crystal bonbonniere hides two small spoons with kitty heads. Allow yourself some seduction - choose this sweet and elegant bundle!
Rocket packet
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This fantastic gift box conceived in retro style. Perhaps you are one of those who still remember the classic rockets. We strongly recommend these to collectors, too. The eloquently elegant Stühmer chocolate unites 4 bars of delicious chocolate. To all this, we add a bottle of Törley sparkling wine and gift-wrap with the creativity you are used to from Fleurt.
Always together Valentine's day present
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<p>Lovely yet elegant bouquet of red and pink flowers, with a sweet teddy bear and a Hungarian heart shaped quality chocolate dessert. Guaranteed to wow your Valentine! Flower delivery á la FLEURT</p>
Claret intoxication Gift Packet
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<p>Enchanting gift package not only for festive occasions! Surprise your sweetheart with this exclusive gift. It’s totally irresistible! The box is filled up to the rim with mesmerising flowers, matched with a small bottle of Törley sparkling wine and a cake. This is then wrapped in style, delivered in an elegant box. Call us or order online, and your gift will be on its way.</p>
Captured Frog prince
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<p>Inside this snow-white heart-shaped box, in the bath of rose heads, hide the gifts of the Frog Prince: a fragrant Manna soap and a bath ball. Original, yet romantic - great for any special occasion. Sending gifts? Trust Fleurt.</p>
De Lux Gift Basket for Gentlemen
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The exclusive package includes a box of 12 pieces Dolce Presente high-quality Italian chocolate, a small bottle of high-quality spirit and one Dilmah fibre mixture tea. Treats for every mood! Choose Fleurt delivery service and your present is on the way!
Love Knocking gift package
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Three pieces of handmade gingerbread hearts, all in a tiny red box: the ambassador of love. Choose FLEURT's excellent delivery service!
Lily Gift Basket for Ladies
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<p>The content of this splendid gift basket is a 6 pieces Dolce Presente quality Italian chocolate, a bottle of French rosé champagne, an elegant box of organic tea and a bouquet of sweet smelling lilies. Order online or call us and FLEURT is on it's way with the present to your loved one!</p>