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Panther lamp
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Gold panther on a black base with black lamp shade - for the fans of modern interior design. This lamp of outstanding quality will bring a cosy feeling for your home, whether it is lit or not. The size of the lamp: with:58cm, depth:15cm, height:38cm.
Turquoise napkin decor
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Decorating the dinner table in an original style is becoming a must when hosting guests. It deserves attention. Our turquoise napkin decor is extremely popular. Many order it just by itself due to its lotus flower pattern. Interested? We have more in our collection!
Turquoise candle holder
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Although the turquoise ceramic tea light holder is an attractive object on its own, if you browse more, you will find an entire family of accessories in our webshop.
Mirrored bug
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This large stag beetle is decorated with mirrors. It is an incredibly trendy and rare item of home decoration, both if hung on the wall or placed on the shelf. The sheer size of bug is astonishing: 13*38 cm!
Dragonfly decoration
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<p>We have these beautiful gold dragonflies in two sizes: 17 and 21 cm. Decorate your home with these graceful creatures.</p>
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To those who admire modern exotic decor, this item will certainly be a show-stopper. This group of wonderfully crafted animals will bring an entire corner in your apartment to life. The size of the safari decoration: width: 68 cm, height: 33 cm.
Parrot dome
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<p>The glass dome with the gold parrot inside follows the latest home design trends. Choose it to decorate your own home or to give someone an amazing gift.</p>
Giant sea snail
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<p>This beautifully ornate large sea snail dazzles you with all the shades of turquoise. It is sought after as home decoration as well as a gift in our webshop. Size: 10 cm.</p>
Large bug
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<p>Magic bug! This stag beetle is impressive both in terms of size and artistic detail. You may choose to hang it on the wall, place it on a shelf, or on the livingroom table, but it will surely be the center of conversation any time guests visit. Size: 16*34 cm.</p>
Animal in suit
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<p>Fashionable animal figurines in suits. The golden goat and fox are 21 cm tall.</p>
Gold magnifying glass
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<p>Items related to travel and exploration are back in fashion! This beautiful magnifying glass reflects just that. Rare and elegant present for men as well. Size: 22*9 cm.</p>
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<p>It is the renaissance of long-lasting dry ornaments, and this pastel wonder truly represents this: dried protea, gossypium, coloured leaves and weeds. Your gift will last years. We wrap this naturalistic composition in a trendy paper bag.</p>
Leafy elegance
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<p>3 types of bromelias form this wonderful potted composition. The funnel-shaped leaves of the guzmania has beautifully vivid colours. It is best kept in lit, warm places but does not need too much watering. This gift beats a bouquet any day and can decorate your home or office alike.</p>
Pink Love flower bouquet
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Light, pink, yet long-lasting love - express your feelings with a bouquet! This trendy dry composition will last. The lovely gingerbreads less so...
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<p>A fantastic modern bouquet with passionate colours, flowers and accessories. It is the renaissance of long-lasting dry ornaments, and this piece truly represents this: the red preserved roses, coloured leaves and weeds will stay fresh for years!</p>
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3 modern metal roses with golden stems and leaves. An everlasting gift from Fleurt.
Midnight Love
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<p>Red-coloured dried natural items come together inside this black wrapping paper. This stylish gift will stay just as beautiful for years. Order it for Valentine's Day and we'll add heart-shaped balloons too.</p>
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3 types of exotic plants in lovely ceramic pots: an anthurium and two guzmanias. These plants like to sit in a warm, sunny place, but don't worry about watering them at all. Perfect for your home and office alike, or even as a great gift.
Gold elephant decorations
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Examine this beautiful object under a magnifying glass, you'll be surprised how intricate it is! The elephant is made of metal, its size: w: 27 cm, h: 17 cm.
Gold pandas
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Gorgeous ceramic pandas in white and shiny gold. It is a beautiful decoration to your own home or can be given as a present to someone. The size of the standing panda is w: 24 cm, h: 13 cm, the seated panda w: 17 cm, h: 17 cm.
Gold fly
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Have you ever seen a fly 15 cm wide and 14 cm tall? Well, you will find one in our webshop! Stick it on the wall, place it on a shelf, the effect will not be missed.
Gold piglet
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Beautifully detailed gold piglets, a must have. WE have them in 2 sizes: 24cm and 19cm.
Gold Rhinoceros beetle
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Our rhino bug brings a smile to anyone's face who visits. Suggestion: hang it on the wall next to your bin or your fridge - your guests are in for a good laugh.