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Call forth memories with a splendid bouquet of flowers, a scent or a candle. Try to sweeten the mood with chocolates. We are sure you'll be forgiven.

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<p>Round posy in the colours of the autumnal forest</p>
Red on White rose bouquet
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<p>White roses embrace one stem of burning red rose. A delicate confession without words. Flower order - á la FLEURT</p>
Sunny Rose Flower Posy
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This amazing bouquet will impress any lady. Roses, orchids in bright colours: sure to make one's day! Flower delivery in Budapest - with FLEURT!
Red on Black
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<p>Red roses and deep purple calla lilies. A passionate confession without words. Pre-order is needed, please contact us before ordering. Flower order - á la FLEURT</p>
Sweet home in blue
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The content of this exclusive gift box is beautiful flower wreath from fake flowers of the highest quality. It is also decorated with a charming ceramic heart - it is a wonderful item in every home. Hang it on your door to make every guest feel welcome. The wreath comes in a large, elegant box, so it is also a perfect gift for anyone.
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Shades of dark red and burgundy compete with their vibrance in this luxury bouquet. Large green exotic leaves are soothing the flower fever. Guaranteed choice of success!  Order the best online with Fleurt!
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<p>It is the renaissance of long-lasting dry ornaments, and this pastel wonder truly represents this: dried protea, gossypium, coloured leaves and weeds. Your gift will last years. We wrap this naturalistic composition in a trendy paper bag.</p>
Smile bouquet
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Fantastic palette of pastel colours that puts a smile on everyone's face! A large elegant bouquet. Flower order in Budapest - only with FLEURT!
Think of me Teddy bear
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<p>A stem of burning red rose with a cute teddy bear and a box of 12 pcs Dolce Presente quality chocolate. Simply irresistible. For men also! Choose FLEURT on Valentine's day!</p>
Rose BEARer
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<p>A stem of burning red rose, given by a cute little teddy bear: simply irresistible! Surprise your loved one and choose FLEURT's excellent flower delivery service!</p>
Full of Love gift package
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<p>Rose-coloured box with transparent lid and a ribbon. Inside, you'll see a heart formed by red and pink flower heads. There is no lady who'd not be moved by this masterpiece.</p>
BigFoot TeddyBear toy
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<p>This sweet teddy bear will melt every heart. With his curly fur and bow, he is the perfect present for literally everyone! Send presents in Budapest with FLEURT!</p>