FLEURT: Adding a 6th star to our service

We have decided to move. Our award-winning, elegant shop in Zrínyi utca will relocate to the internet. Transferring business online is something everyone is rushing to do these days, but luckily, we are no strangers to this kind of thing. Neither do we do this because of the pandemic, and this means that this stays permanent even after they lift the quarantine.

I made the decision months ago because I knew that we had to adjust to the needs to our customers.

Monitoring our sales figures and number of visitors, we see how much more convenient and accessible online shopping is to our customers. This is why we will put even more emphasis on developing the quality of our online services. (At the moment, we are already working hard so that we can welcome you in our brand-new webshop in May.)

We know each other so you certainly know that we have never been afraid to go against trends and, if needed, lead the way ahead of other participants on the market. This decision is also a message to the world that it is not four walls that gives value to (or takes value away from) a business.

Turning digital means that we will have even more creative time, energy and human resources for the things that really matter: product development and compositions nobody has ever seen before.

So from May, we will give even better, more and prettier than the ‘Fleurt quality’ you are used to - and we will do that faster and more conveniently to you.

In all fairness, I did have some doubts when this idea turned into an irreversible decision. However, developments in recent weeks and months have reassured me that it is worth it to go down the path we had stepped on back in February.

Whether it is, indeed, a good idea, will neither be decided by Fleurt, nor even by our customers. When the recipient of the flowers is moved by them even more, they complement the bouquet even more, they hug the one who gave it to them even more, and they cry even more tears of joy, that’s when we know it was a good idea.

And that is how we add a 6th star to our service.

See you online,

Judit Józsa