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Modern and classical rose bouquets, rose compositions and forever roses – All about roses! Our rose boxes have no match in town, our service is first class.

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Fifty shades of red rose bouquet
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<p>Gorgeous bouquet of 50 stems of red roses. Burning red flowers among dense, shiny greens: classic elegance. Send flowers with FLEURT! The product can be pre-ordered, please inquire by e-mail or phone before ordering.</p>
Rose cone
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<p>We fill up our elegant paper cones with a bunch of sweet scenting English roses. These roses carry the mood and beauty of garden roses.</p> <p>If you have any specific requests regarding the colour or type of flowers, please let us know at least 3 days prior to delivery.</p> <p>Order online and send flowers in Budapest with Fleurt!</p>
Red Pink
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<p>3 types of red and pink roses. This is an irresistible coloured bouquet. Send flowers with Fleurt!</p>
Red on Black
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<p>Red roses and deep purple calla lilies. A passionate confession without words. Pre-order is needed, please contact us before ordering. Flower order - á la FLEURT</p>
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<p>The one receiving this beautiful rose bouquet is guaranteed to blush. Let flowers do the talking! Order online from Fleurt!</p>
Prisoners of the heart
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<p>Lock me up in your heart and throw away the key! - This bouquet will open all doors in front of your love. Our beautiful red roses are surrounded with gold leaves, and hide a decorative small golden love lock with two tiny keys. Sooo exclusive!</p>
Ruby Red
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<p>Huge, round bouquet of 30 stems of incandescent red roses. A true classic for truly special occasions. Send flowers in Budapest with FLEURT!</p>
Pastel pleasure flower bouquet
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Beautiful round bouquet with cream pastel coloured flowers. Impress your loved one with this beauty, that comes with a cute glass-heart. Send flowers in Budapest, only with Fleurt!
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<p>3 modern metal roses with golden stems and leaves. An everlasting gift from Fleurt.</p>
Forever love flower bouquet
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<p>Elongated bouquet of fresh red roses and one forever impregnated, Vermont rose that lasts for years! Flower delivery in Budapest - only with FLEURT!</p>
Box of roses
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<p>9 stems of long stemmed, incandescent red roses in an elegant box: more passionate than any words...Order online and send flowers - only with FLEURT!</p>
Million roses flower box
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<p>A grand flower box of million roses of beautiful red. A stylish, splendid composition, guaranteed to wow anyone. The freshly made rose box lasts up to a week and dries beautifully. Classical and elegant, this is the great choice for special occasions. Please order 3 days in advance. Flower delivery in Budapest, only with Fleurt!</p>