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FLEURT’s birthday and name day bouquets are guaranteed to wow! Our creative design gifts, wine and chocolates other curiosities are a house of treasure.

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Marzipan flower posy
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Sweet round bouquet of many colours. Lovely spring flowers make this posy truly irresistible and cheerful. Send flowers in Budapest - only with Fleurt's best delivery service!
Scent seduction
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We have hidden the feminine accessories of seduction in a modern glass jewellery box: 2 lovely brooches, a Manna natural soap and a few soap roses. A bottle of Chardonnay on the side sweetens the experience. Simply irresistible! Choose any of the following brooches: hummingbird, cat or bug.
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<p>Cheerful bouquet of roses and lilies. An exquisite bouquet for somebody special to you. If flowers to be delivered - Fleurt.</p>
Orchid Bouquet
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Amazing, elongated bouquet from phalaenopsis orchid. Orchid is a really long lasting flower. Lovely and modern bouquet: the perfect choice! Choose Fleurt in Budapest!
Virtuoso flower box
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<p>Mesmerizing colours dazzle you in this flower box. The modern box outside is white, inside is gold and filled with vibrant coloured flowers. The brightest pink, orange and lilac flowers of the season all crowed like colours of a virtuoso painting. Dazzle somebody with this amazing palette.</p>
Ophelia round bouquet
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Beautiful round bouquet with pastel coloured flowers. Impress your loved one with this beauty. Send flowers in Budapest, only with Fleurt!
Sweet home in blue
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The content of this exclusive gift box is beautiful flower wreath from fake flowers of the highest quality. It is also decorated with a charming ceramic heart - it is a wonderful item in every home. Hang it on your door to make every guest feel welcome. The wreath comes in a large, elegant box, so it is also a perfect gift for anyone.
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A simply lovely bouquet from callas and roses. The real elegance. Surprise your loved one with this beautiful bouquet. Choose Fleurt delivery service and your present is on the way!
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<p>You can order immediately the most beautiful bouquet of lilies with our flower delivery service in Budapest. This is a fantastic bouquet decorated with the tiny pearls and folded monstera leaves. Flower delivery - the most beautiful gesture! Fleurt!</p>
BigFoot TeddyBear toy
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This sweet teddy bear will melt every heart. With his curly fur and bow, he is the perfect present for literally everyone! Send presents in Budapest with FLEURT!
Pastel pleasure flower bouquet
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Beautiful round bouquet with cream pastel coloured flowers. Impress your loved one with this beauty, that comes with a cute glass-heart. Send flowers in Budapest, only with Fleurt!
Dolce Presente Chocolate 6 pieces
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<p>Premium quality Italian chocolate in an exclusive paper box, hand made in the Mandré &amp; Melis chocolate factory since 1923. Made without preservatives and food colouring, using only natural ingredients. We suggest the softer, tender alcoholic selection for ladies, the starker, stronger alcoholic selection for gentlemen and the non-alcoholic "with love" selection for everyone. Choose FLEURT and we express deliver love and surprise!</p>
Penelope flower bouquet
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Pastel colours and gorgeous flowers make this splendid bouquet truly one of a kind. Cheerful, yet elegant, this posy has it all. Choose FLEURT's excellent flower delivery service!
Grand Prix gift pack
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This is one of our favourite men's gift packages. Our Grand Prix pack is an authentic collection of gourmet and unique design gift items. It includes a 36-piece Dolce Presente chocolate box paired with a 6-put Tokaji aszú. The package inherits its name from the retro toy inside it, the Grand Prix race car. The generous package also includes a fancy gold ceramic piggy bank and a beautiful glass compass letter weight. What man would not find fun in this unique assembly of contemporary delights? Choose Fleurt!
FlowerMuffin bouquet
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<p>Cheerful posy of lovely flowers that puts a smile on every face. Vibrant colours, floral cuteness. Order online and put FLEURT's excellent flower delivery service to the test!</p>
Tutti Frutti Flower Posy
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<p>Lovely flowers, vibrant colours, absolute beauty in this cute posy. Sweet as candy! Order online from FLEURT!</p>
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Shades of dark red and burgundy compete with their vibrance in this luxury bouquet. Large green exotic leaves are soothing the flower fever. Guaranteed choice of success!  Order the best online with Fleurt!
Wine intoxication gif package
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This gift package is pure elegance. Wine from Hungary, Vylyan chocolate from Italy, corkscrew from England - you cannot go wrong with these. Its reserved elegance and our perfect gift wrapping make sure your gift will be fully appreciated.
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Gold leaves surround white tulips and vanda orchids in this contemporary style bouquet. The elongated style makes it exciting and elegant at the same time.
Boudoir scent pack
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Refresh your lady's boudoir with this sweet-scenting gift pack! The aroma of Awen sticks create a wonderful atmosphere. The small ceramic lotus flower can be used as a tealight holder. The tiny glass bottles are just the cherry on the cake. All this is served on a white tray, with a fresh orchid, exquisitely gift-wrapped. Just order, and we'll fly with your present.
Orchid dream
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Melt your loved one's heart with this amazing flower box. Vanda orchids unite to make this flower box as stunning as possible. Choose FLEURT's excellent flower delivery service!
Pink hideaway
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There is no lady, who would not have something to hide in this beautiful jewellery pot: a ring, a hairpin, a pair of earrings, or a sinful piece of candy hidden for later - the all wait for such a cosy hideaway. So don't delay any longer, surprise someone with this humble gift.
Bella flower bouquet
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If you are searching the WOW this bouquet has it all. Amazing array of colours of green, gold and yellow decorated with gold leaves will take your breath away. Fleurt – the flower excellence!