Xmas doorknocker

In FLEURT every doorknocker is a little world, a piece of art. We await you with beautiful advent decorations and Christmas ornaments, dreamy Christmas gifts.

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Retro Car Door Knock
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<p>A classic retro car appears in a brilliant new outfit. In the middle of a beautifully simple decor, the little car carries a pine tree. Put some holiday humour on your table. There are two cars in this collection. One on this wreath and another parked in the middle of a door knock. Have a look at that one too; you won't be able to resist it.<br /> The wreath's diameter is 35 cm.</p>
Door Knock and Polar Bears
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Cuteness never goes out of style. This cheeky little polar bear has sat on a naturalistic door ornament. Guaranteed to make your guests smile.<br />
Nature-Inspired Door Knock
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If you prefer naturalistic designs, we created this beautifully fresh piece for You. The wreath is made with preserved real hydrangeas, in perfect harmony with the brown pine-cones. The knock, of course, wouldn't be complete if there wasn't a matching wreath in our collection.<br /> The door knock's diameter is 25 cm.<br />