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Mini Nutcracker Box
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Within this neat golden box lie a small pine tree, a tiny Nutcracker, Christmas candy and a beautifully decorated gingerbread. Should you decide to surprise someone with this fine gift, it will never fail to impress!<br />
Mini Gift Box and Soldier
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A small, girly gift in a wonderful golden box. Within hides a soldier of the Nutcracker, a pineapple-shaped ceramic jewel-case and a soft key ring. The box's diameter is 16 cm.<br />
Present with Deer and Candy
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Appropriate and stylish, this luxurious golden box makes a brilliant corporate gift. Inside you'll find a golden glass tealight candle holder, a ceramic deer corslet, small golden trees and a few pieces of high-quality candy.<br />
Small Nutcracker Box and Orchids
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Every lady likes a little thoughtfulness. This neat box brings both the flower and the present: a mini orchid in a pot, held in the hand of the soldier from the Nutcracker. The ornament is accompanied by soap roses and a Manna soap.<br />
Golden Acorn and Candy
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A fantastic hand carved acorn with a removable cap. Use it as a bonbonniere, jewel-case or home ornament. We will send this unique gift together with some Christmas candy. Like it more in silver? We have you covered! <br />
Small Gift Box and Mouse
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A cute Christmas present for ladies. An elegant golden box hides a beautiful composition: a cute little white mouse, a small bottle of palinka, a rose made of 24-karat gold, a golden bookmark and one of our signature preserved roses.<br />
Fox In A Dome
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The fox is standing in a beautiful glass dome, half of which is lined with silver. This magnificent gift is perfect for ladies and gentlemen alike.<br />
Rosé Box
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Small rosé sparkling wine, coral flower and pink Christmas ornaments. Everything you need to surprise a fine lady.<br />
Christmas tv decor
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A cute retro TV showing a winter scene. The light on top of the small TV works on a battery.
Christmas Present with Polar Bear
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A polar bear riding a bike? Spice up your holidays with a little touch of humour. The polar bear is accompanied by a tabletop Christmas tree and a pine-shaped candle. Whether in your own home or that of some you love, this cute bear is guaranteed to make everybody smile. Fleurt - your top choice for Christmas presents!<br />
Faithful friend
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This dog is one of our bestsellers this year. Wish someone happy holidays with this beautiful glass dome. Size: 18*32 cm.
Mouse world
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Fairy-tale world locked in a glass dome, ruled by a royal mouse couple. In-built lighting ensures a truly elegant effect. The dome is approx. 35 cm tall.