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In FLEURT every Advent Wreath is a piece of art. Our little worlds, meticulously detailed ornaments work the magic in all interiors - classical or modern.

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Carousel wreath
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<p>This wreath will bring you back to the wonderful Christmas atmosphere of your childhood. The beautiful red candles, the pine branches and cones will bring an irresistible natural feel to your living room. The horses of the merry-go-round are a perfect complement to this masterpiece. The wreath is 30 cm across. Don't forget to have a look at our matching glass dome too!</p>
Lights of Advent
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<p>A special Advent wreath with four pairs of long candles. The golden-black-blue colours and checked ribbon create a rather masculine effect. Look out for the black piglets!</p>
Trumpet Wreath
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<p>Grey-silver acorns and cones support an ensemble of grey candles and Christmas trumpets - modest, yet impressively modern. This piece is created to last for years, so it is ready to become your favourite ornament for many special occasions to come.<br /> The wreath is 25 cm across.</p>
Retro Car Advent Wreath
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<p>A classic retro car appears in a brilliant new outfit. In the middle of a beautifully simple decor, the little car carries a pine tree. Put some holiday humour on your table. There are two cars in this collection. One on this wreath and another parked in the middle of a door knock. Have a look at that one too; you won't be able to resist it.<br /> The wreath's diameter is 35 cm.</p>
Small Christmas world
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<p>An entire little world of Christmas features a village: trees, houses and a truck carrying a pine tree. In-built lighting guarantees you'll fall in love with this piece at first sight!</p>
Advent Wreath and Polar Bears
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Three cute polar bears guard this lovely naturalistic Advent wreath (diameter ca. 30 cm). Love the design? Why not add our matching door ornament, too?<br />
Zebra Wreath
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<p>What a funny design! A zebra on this Advent wreath resonates with the newest interior design trends - exotic animals and nature-inspired symbols. The base is plain and blue with a decisively natural theme. This is pleasantly contrasted with a glass ornament. Lovely and irresistible. Collect the complete set by ordering this and its matching Door Knock.<br /> The wreath's diameter is 35 cm.</p>
Nature-Inspired Advent Wreath
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Bringing together classical and modern is always a challenge. With its deep red candles and natural feel, this beautiful wreath satisfies both styles elegantly. Diameter is 35 cm. Don't forget about the second part of the collection, though. Look for our similarly fresh Door Knock.<br />
Wreath and Frames
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A truly personal gift! Send us two pictures and we'll print and place them in the frames. If you are spending this Christmas apart from someone you love, or just wish to surprise somebody, this personal present will definitely do the trick!<br />
Mouse world Advent wreath
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<p>Ceramic mice wearing crowns - these are the guards of this precious green Norman wreath decorated with natural elements, a plush bow and Christmas ornaments. Its 4 sphere candles light up with each Advent Sunday.</p>
Nostalgy Christmas Wreath
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<p>This wreath will bring you back to the wonderful Christmas atmosphere of your childhood. The long maroon candles, the artificial pine wreath and the natural elements create an irresistible atmosphere in your living room. The golden rocking horse sits in the middle of a classic wreath (35 cm across), set on a maroon plate. Our Nostalgy Collection also includes a table centrepiece and a dome, why not have a look at those too?</p>
Mouse shelter
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<p>This magical pink wreath is home to some happy little mice. Each of the four Advent Sundays is honoured with a beautiful round candle. The base of the wreath is 30 cm.</p>
Polar bear plate
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Many of us love polar bears. They are fluffy, cuddly and funny. This plate has a whole family of these lovely creatures. Advent candles come in the shape of icebergs and we've even hidden some extra lighting between the ice crystals to maximise the magic. The plate's diameter is 35 cm.
Christmas kings
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We've composed this crystal-themed Advent decor on an enormous wooden plate (50 cm across). The figurines and wonderful grey candles complement a beautiful nature-inspired composition. Lit the candles of the Advent on this beautiful Christmas plate.
Purple Advent Box
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<p>Advent box in a modern dress. Instead of the traditional wreath, we dreamt and created our new decoration inside this trendy box.</p>