Choose an amazing bouquet from the sweetly scenting flowers of spring. We offer our tulips, peonies and freesias in bouquets, boxes and even flower cones.

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Rose cone
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<p>We fill up our elegant paper cones with a bunch of sweet scenting English roses. These roses carry the mood and beauty of garden roses.</p> <p>If you have any specific requests regarding the colour or type of flowers, please let us know at least 3 days prior to delivery.</p> <p>Order online and send flowers in Budapest with Fleurt!</p>
Easter joy flower bouquet
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Loose, carefree bouquet of the gorgeous pastel flowers of spring. Livid colours of lovely shades and blooms. Choose FLEURT's excellent flower delivery service!
Garden Beauty
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<p>Peonies are in season for mere weeks in the spring, not to mention the purple-blue hydrangea, which is especially hard to find - it is already a miracle that you've even found this bouquet on our site! You don't have much time to think: it's popularity clears the stocks at an extreme pace. The peony's lovely scent and fragile petals make it one of the most beloved flowers out there.</p>
Mum always
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<p>The lightly scenting peonies remind me to mum's garden. If you feel the same, this bouquet is the choice for you by heart. The hydrangeas match the colour of peonies which makes this bouquet truly magnificent and one of everybody's favourite.</p> <p>This bouquet is also unique, because it is only available for a short period in springtime. Use our chat box, call or email us to be sure, that it is available.</p>
Flower Spikes
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<p>Elegantly wrapped 5 mini gerberas - a small gesture with a guaranteed effect. Should you have a specific request regarding the colours or flowers, please let us know at least 3 days prior to delivery. Otherwise, we will use our freshest flowers to create your gift. Thank you!</p>
Pink Pomp
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<p>Blossoming hydrangeas and various kinds of roses represent over five shades of pink in this elegant bouquet. Order online now and your surprise will be on its way in a flash!</p>