Bouquets of autumn

Our autumn bouquets bring together the fascinating colours flowers enriched with beautiful leaves and berries only found around this time of the year.

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Surprise Flower Bouquet
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Looking to surprise someone? Look no further: our master florists are ready to make you a gorgeous posy of today's freshest flowers! Send flowers in Budapest - only with FLEURT
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<p>Round posy in the colours of the autumnal forest</p>
Twilight flower bouquet
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<p>Burning roses tied in a fantastic round bouquet, beauty that challenges the sunset. Floral excellence in Budapest - FLEURT</p>
Fire Orange
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Exciting exotic in orange glow. Special flowers in a beautiful colourful bouquet. If you are bored with the usual things and want something new, choose this composition from Fleurt!
Sunset flower bouquet
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<p>Lovely, cheerful bouquet with spring flowers in yellow and orange colours. This is the perfect choice for all occasions. Order online and choose Fleurt flower delivery service! You won’t be disappointed! Fleurt!</p>
Marzipan flower posy
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Sweet round bouquet of many colours. Lovely spring flowers make this posy truly irresistible and cheerful. Send flowers in Budapest - only with Fleurt's best delivery service!
Palermo flower bouquet
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Different shades of red and maroon, various beautiful flowers: this is the Palermo bouquet! Send emotions, send good vibes with FLEURT's excellent flower delivery service!
Fairy dance flower posy
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This super elegant round bouquet is the sweetest posy anyone can get. Wonderful colours and lovely flowers tied in a splendid posy of Spring. Order online and send flowers, only with Fleurt!
Lily Cavalcade
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Roses hide at forest of lilies. This is a great and colourful bouquet with roses and lilies. Order online or contact us! Choose Fleurt delivery service!
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This is a cheerful lovely round bouquet in Mediterranean style. Order online with Fleurt!
Sansa flower bouquet
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Wonderful flowers and vibrant colours make this posy truly unique and elegant. Order now and put FLEURT's flower delivery service to the test!
Autumn Paris
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<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="400" style="border-collapse:collapse;width:300pt;"> <tbody> <tr style="height:15pt;"> <td height="20" class="xl65" width="400" style="height:15pt;width:300pt;">Wonderful bouquet in all the beautiful shades of orange.</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>
Eden flower composition
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<p>Cheerful and classical round flower composition in pink and orange colours with a matching vase. (Approx. 15 x 25 cm) An exquisite composition for somebody special to you. If flowers to be delivered - Fleurt.</p>