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FLEURT flower studio by the Bazilika

AranyvirágThe idea of providing a new service in the field of interior design by the crossbreeding of floristry and design came to me in Paris in 2003. FLEURT’s little store in Andrássy quickly gain fans and popularity, and soon became too small. Our team found its new occupation by the Bazilika. Our goal was to recruit for the modern creation of floristry. Our shop and team was awarded by the most prestigious recognition of the profession: the Golden Flower Award, a trophy of the most beautiful shop and highest quality service.

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Inspired by Europe’s best of floral designers our goal is to bring the modern creations of contemporary floristry and accompanying services to Hungary. In our work flower and interior becomes one and inseparable, whether it is home, office, hotel or event. In this harmonic relationship flowers obtain new meaning, a new value is born.

The professionalism, the love of flowers and humanity of our florists and designers is guarantee for your satisfaction.

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