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Flower Delivery Budapest

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Flower delivery - FLEURT: florist by the Bazilika

Aranyvirág-virágküldés-fleurtFleurt is a premier flower shop in the heart of Budapest since 2003. Our main business is planning and preparing unique floral and plant decorations and we also have flower delivery service. We are inspired by Europe’s most prestigious florists and our aim is to introduce the modern international floristry products and the related services in Hungary.

In our work flowers are integrated into the surrounding environment and with this perfect harmony it wins a new meaning. Our florists professional knowledge, flower’s and man’s love guarantee the satisfaction for our customers.

Our shops (in Zrínyi street and in Allee) offer: fresh cut flowers, special and unique flower compositions, solitary plants, dried flower decorations and souvenirs.

Fleurt has an exciting service, which no other provider is able to respond. We are different: in individual style, creativity and high quality of service. Although Fleurt flower shop come under the smaller shop’s category, we take the leader place in hotel decoration. We only have a few competitors in office’s and other interior’s modern design decoration.

 Why choose FLEURT?

No hastle, no queuing, no closing time. With us you can arrange your order from the comfort of your home or office, every day of the week.
Choose from hundreds of bouquets and accompanying presents (chocolates, beverages, design gifts) and pay simply and safely with your credit card or with PayPal. Your bouquets will be made fresh to your order.
 We deliver anywhere in Budapest and a radius of 30 km.
 Our express delivery will reach its destintion within 2 hours.
 We deliver orders over 20.000 Ft free of charge.
 7 day guarantee for our large bouquets.
 We help you put your message into words with our quotes collection. Our beautiful gift cards ensure your message will be personal.
 Our music video messenger allows you even to send a song. 

 Our regular services embrace the following activities: design the compositions, materials and supplies procurement, delivery service, making fresh flower compositions, and we also take care about their continuous compliance. On demand we can deliver the compositions in our design vases. For a change we can make new, other compositions and change the flowers every week. The decorations -following the shop’s offers- reflect seasons and prominent events (Christmas, Easter).

In our projects we undertake the plant decoration of offices, bigger houses and facilities. We also undertake installation and maintenance work too.

Our wedding decorations and corporate event decorations will satisfy our customer’s higher demands.

The profession scored full marks for our work. FLEURT got the award of the most beautiful flower shop at the Golden Flower competition.

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